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Do Jade Plants Smell

You’ve just purchased your first jade plant. It’s all green, but when the temperatures go down, you’re shocked to see that flowers are starting to bloom! Then you can’t help but ask, do jade plants smell?

Before blooming, a jade plant is mostly a green plant, but jade plants do smell when they flower in cooler temperatures. The smell is often described as a soap smell. 

The jade plant has a smell when blooming, which keeps the plant new and interesting as the seasons change. If you want to learn more about these sudden blooms and what they smell like, keep on reading!

What Does Jade Vine Smell Like

The jade vine itself does not have much of a smell if any.

Before your jade plant blooms, you aren’t going to notice a smell from your jade plant vine.

If you stick your nose close, you might notice the earthy scent that all plants usually have. There isn’t a distinct smell, though, when only the vine is present.

Your jade plant will smell when it flowers and blooms, which can be a bit of a wait, as you will see later in the article!

Note: If you overwater your jade plant, you can cause the roots to rot, producing an unpleasant, rancid smell. This is an indicator that you should cut back on watering your plant.

What Does A Jade Plant Look Like When It Blooms

Before we talk about what jade plant blooms smell like, let’s chat about what it looks like when it blooms so you know what you’re looking for.

Once your jade plant blooms, you’ll see clusters of white, star-shaped flowers.

The flower clusters will appear at the end of the branches of your jade plants, so make sure you don’t prune your plant when you think it is the end of the season!

The flowers won’t last very long though, so enjoy them while you can!

The flowers will quickly begin to fade. The stalk will start to become brown. This is when you can clip the ends of the branches off to prune your jade plant so it is ready for the new season.

What Does A Jade Flower Smell Like

Now that we know what the distinct jade flowers look like, we’ll talk about that interesting soap scent.

People describe the flowers of jade plants as soapy. Soap, however, is a pretty general term. Since soap can smell like so many different things, it isn’t a great description of what you can expect from your jade flowers.

Here are a few other scent notes that some people say jade plant flowers smell like:

  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Melon
  • Pineapple
  • Flower bouquet
  • Scented soap

Overall, people tend to say that the jade flower is a fruity, floral scent.

It makes sense that some people tend to compare this to soap because that is usually the scent profile of different soaps on the market.

If you have a jade plant, take a big sniff and tell us what you think the flowers smell like!

How Old Does A Jade Plant Have To Be To Flower

Your jade plant isn’t going to bloom and smell the first season you are growing it.

A young jade plant isn’t going to bloom in the first year it grows, so you might not believe that it will indeed bloom and smell.

Your jade plant won’t have blossoms until it is at least 2 to 3 years old, which means that you will have to be growing your plant for a few seasons.

It takes a few years to flower because the roots need to grow deep enough.

Once your jade plant is big enough and its roots are set, you will start to see blooms in the spring and early summer.

If your jade plant doesn’t have the best growing conditions in the spring, there is a chance that your plant will bloom at the end of the season from September to November.

How Do You Get A Jade Plant To Bloom

The age of your jade plant is important for it to bloom, but you also need to start care to mimic its natural growing conditions for it to flower.

Watering Your Jade Plant

Jade plants don’t need to be watered as often as you might think – every two weeks or more – but they still need certain care.

A lack of water is going to encourage your jade plant to bloom. Isn’t that crazy?

Most plants usually need ample water to bloom, but not your jade plant.

Don’t water your jade plant every day or every week. Many gardeners say to wait at least two weeks before watering, but you can also use the leaves as an indicator.

When you see the leaves start to wilt slightly, you can give your jade plant more water.

Keeping Your Jade Plant Cool At Night

You can’t control this, but your jade plant will start to flower when it is cool during the night.

As I mentioned earlier, cooler temperatures at night will help your jade plant bloom when it is cool enough.

This means that your jade plant will have blooms early or late in the season.

March, April, and early May in the spring months will be the best chance for you to see blooms.

If your jade plant isn’t blooming then, never fear!

Your jade plant has another chance to bloom at the end of the season when temperatures begin to drop after the summer. Check for buds in September, October, and early November.

It isn’t likely that your jade plant will bloom in the summer months unless it is an unseasonably cold summer.

Give Your Jade Plant Sun During The Day

The final piece of the puzzle is that your jade plant has sun during the day.

This can be tricky since you need a season with cool nights, meaning that the weather during the day may not include the sun.

Still, try to situate your jade plant in an area where it will get enough sunlight. You might have to rotate where your jade plant is to ensure it is getting sunlight.

You can also try a light that will encourage growing if you notice that you are experiencing mostly cloudy days without sunshine.

It can feel like you’re playing with magic trying to get your jade plant to grow, but it will be worth it when you see your beautiful flowers!

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