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Nice Smelling Succulents – A Complete List

Even though you might think that all succulents look the same, there are dozens of varieties of succulents, each with its own unique, pleasant smell. 


Lithops are also known as living stone plants and require little maintenance. 

Lithops look like small stones, where their other name comes from. If you didn’t know any better, you might not be able to tell the difference!

Lithops are great succulents because they are extremely low maintenance. Lithops only need to be watered once every two weeks or even longer for people without a green thumb. 

Lithops won’t have a smell until they bud and bloom. When they’re masquerading as “stones,” you can smell as much as you want – there won’t be anything there!


Hoya succulents are also known as wax plants. They are vine-like plants with waxy leaves that are a popular option for any household. 

The vines on a Hoya succulent are shaped almost like fat hearts!

Hoya succulents have cute leaves, but they also have even cuter clusters of white and pink flowers when they bloom. 

Some people say that the flowers have a chocolate or vanilla scent, which differs from most other succulents!

Since they are vines, they work great to decorate any house or apartment. 


The Cereus succulent, which looks like tall, thin cacti, has massive white flowers.

Most Cereus flowers can be up to 9 inches across, so they are big.

Next time you see one, give these big, beautiful flowers a smell because they have a rich floral scent that can fill the entire room. 


If you’re looking for a citrus-like smelling flower on your succulent, then the echinopsis is the succulent for you! 

Despite its strange name, you’ve seen this type of succulent in the stores before. 

Some people call it the hedgehog cactus because it is a small, half ball shape. 

The echinopsis has small white flowers that bud right on the top of the cactus, which is a nice change!

Neohenricia Sibbettii 

Want something that smells sweeter than other succulents?

The Neohenricia Sibbettii is a great choice because it smells like – get this – fruit loops. 

Even though the Neohenricia Sibbettii has a unique, sweet smell, you will have to lean in to smell these. 

The flowers are tiny and are white or yellow. 

Aloe Conifera

Aloe Conifera succulents are like the traditional aloe plants that you might be able to picture from memory; they’re just mini!

The Aloe Conifera will also grow yellow flowers on long stalks. I might even go as far as to say that they look like ears of corn or a pineapple! 

Smell them when you see them because they have a soft floral fragrance that you will need to get close to smell. 

Aloe Suzannae

Sometimes you want something rare in your succulent garden, and the Aloe Suzannae is one of the options that you have. 

There are over 300 species of aloe in the world, but only about seven varieties produce flowers that have any smell.

Of those seven options, I would recommend choosing the Aloe Suzannae because it has flowers that smell like grapefruit! The smell of grapefruit isn’t for everyone, but it can add something interesting to any scent bouquet. 

Pygmaeocereus Bieblii

The Pygmaeocereus Bieblii is a cactus with small white clusters of spikes up and down the stocks. The cacti don’t grow in clusters, though, so you’ll need a few of these succulents!

When the Pygmaeocereus Bieblii blooms, the flowers pop up on the end of stems that grow up from the top of the cactus.

The flowers are white and spikey with a heavy fragrance. 

When I look at these flowers, I think they look like something out of Spongebob Squarepants, so these are a great choice if you want to add something quirky to your garden!

String of Pearls

Some people think that the blooms on String of Pearls succulents look a little bit like weeds, but they have a warm, spicy scent. 

While the String of Pearls succulents has an interesting smell, you might not want to add these to a succulent garden with other sweet-smelling succulent blooms. You don’t want to have too many different smells going on in a single garden!


Try the Crassula if you want some star-shaped flowers in the succulent garden. 

Crassula succulents have soft pink, star-shaped flowers that have a beautiful, light smell. The flowers cluster together in ball shapes that can draw the eye in. 


If you’re looking for something that smells like lime, then you should look into the Euphorbia succulent.

The Euphorbia succulents add some interest to any succulent garden because they look like leafy green plants.

The flowers that Euphorbia succulents produce come in various colors, with flowers that look almost like half-disks. 

You can find Euphorbia flowers in pink, yellow, green, and orange.


The Eriosyce succulent is a small, round cactus. If you’ve ever passed by a table of succulents, there is a chance that you have seen it. 

The Eriosyce is great for a starter succulent or one that is used as a decoration around a house or apartment. 

Eriosyce succulents are also nice because they flower. You’ll notice bright purple flowers on these succulents. 

The flowers smell as beautiful as they look with a light floral fragrance. 


To me, the Conophytum succulent looks like small balloons filled with air or green grapes. You might not even be able to tell the difference!

Conophytum succulents will have bright yellow, fragrant flowers that pop against the green of the succulent. 


Neohenricia has tiny leaves and flowers, but the flowers certainly pack a punch when they bloom!

Neohenricia looks like a handful of peas that someone dumped into a flower pot, but they’re cute nonetheless.

The flowers that Neohenricia produces are tiny and look like daffodils. If you happen to catch your Neohenricia bloom, you might be surprised to smell pineapple and coconut coming from the blooms!

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue can be challenging to get to flower, and its flowers are not long-lasting.

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue looks a lot like a fern with tall stalks with threads of yellow on the outside of the leaves.

Getting your Mother-in-Law’s Tongue to bloom can be difficult because it needs to be a mature plant to bloom. You’ll also need to know that the plant needs to be almost three feet tall before it starts to bloom!

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue produces small, spiderlike flowers that only bloom once a year in the spring, so you’ll need to catch them quickly!

The blooms on this succulent are the most unique smell with a musky scent. 


The Pleiospilos succulents also have flowers that smell like coconuts to most people.

Pleiospilos are low-to-the-ground succulents that look similar to rocks. The plant itself is usually green or even somewhat purple color.

The flowers that Pleiospilos produce are bright yellow or orange and look similar to daisies. 

Pleiospilos are great succulents if you want to fill in empty spaces with something a little different from the most common succulents varieties.


Like the Neohenricia succulents, Stomatiums have a coconut-like smell as well. 

Stomatiums look like long, flat green beans when they aren’t blooming. The end of the stocks will produce flowers. The flowers are most commonly white, but they can come in pink if you’re lucky.

Stomatiums are a great way to brighten up any room, with or without a flower. 

Sedum Suaveolens

The Sedum Suaveolens is a common succulent that looks like a green flower. I might even go as far as to say that they look like green roses.

When the Sedum Suaveolen blooms, it has tiny white flowers that grow from stocks in the middle of the flowers.

Despite their small sizes, the flowers are very sweet smelling. The genus is even known for its sweet smell, so the Sedum Suaveolen is a great choice for anyone with a succulent garden!

Queen of the Night

The Queen of the Night succulents looks like a cactus with flowers that bloom overnight and wilt by morning. If you want to see – and smell – the beautiful white flowers, you will need to stay up late!

If you have the chance to smell the Queen of the Night, you’ll notice that it has a soft, warm, and sweet floral scent like a fresh bouquet.

Century Plant

The Century Plant is an aloe plant with large, green ferns. 

Landscapers use the Century Plant for completing gardens in front of the home. You can also put century plants in large pots to line walkways.

Despite its name, century plants last between one and three decades, so they will stick around!

Century Plant blooms do have a smell, but since they bloom so rarely, most people will never have the chance to smell them!

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