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About Us

Hi there, my name is Allie and welcome to my blog; GareningWithAllie!

Gardening has been a passion of mine, and something I’ve done since I was younger. My son has rekindled my interest in it over the last few years, and along with he and his wife, we’ve decided to share our growing experiences here.

Much of what you see written here is just our personal experiences with gardening. With that said, we understand everyone lives in different growing zones and may have different experiences than we have. Nonetheless, we aim to make the basic information and principles as accurate as possible!

Along with the content I write here, there is also a unique collection of gardening topics covered by some of our close friends. Our small team includes writers who have experiences growing and can shed some light on even the trickiest of gardening challenges.

I hope you find everything you read here to be helpful, informative, and something that can make your gardening journey the most lovely experience ever! With that said, Happy Gardening!