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Jade Plant Near A Radiator – Is It Safe To Do?

House plants like jade are fun to decorate a home and filter the air indoors. Many people struggle to find good spots to place their house plants, creating a struggle to keep them alive. Table tops, window sills, and shelves are all ideal plant spots. The radiator can also act as a tabletop, and some people use it for their plants, but can you place a jade plant near the radiator?

Placing a jade plant on or near a radiator is not recommended. Most house plants are in danger when on or near the radiator in your home. The warm and dry air from the radiator will dry out a plant’s roots and prevent them from receiving the nourishment they need from being watered regularly.

Continue reading to learn more about where to keep your jade plant and other house plants.

How Far Should My Jade Plant Be From The Radiator?

For your plants to live a long and healthy life, they must be kept at least 3 feet from the radiator in your home. Plants are used to growing in cool and moist soil under the ground.

If your jade plant is placed directly on top of the radiator, the soil will get warm, which causes the roots to dry out. A distance of three feet will ensure that the heat from the radiator won’t reach your jade plants. They will still be able to remain nourished with water and moisture.

Where Should I Keep My Jade Plant?

It can receive enough sunlight in a spot- Jade plants need at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. Choose and spot near a window that will provide your jade plant with adequate direct sunlight.

Avoid air conditioning units- Air conditioners can damage your jade plant like radiators. Ensure your plant doesn’t have cold air blown onto it from an AC unit. Jade plants grow best in climates around 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Constant cold air can stunt their growth. 

Avoid harsh sunlight- If you choose a window spot for your jade plant, ensure your plant is getting a break from the extra hot evening sun. After six hours of direct sunlight, move your plant to a more relaxed location. If you don’t have another good spot, hang sheer curtains that can be closed in the evening to filter out some of the harsher sunlight that may come through the window. This will prevent your jade plants from becoming sunburnt. 

Keep your jade plant out of reach from pets and children- Animals and younger children typically don’t know any better when it comes to playing with plants. Unfortunately, they can bend or break limbs and damage your jade plant. Do your best to place your plant in a spot that is out of reach to your pets and small children. 

Tips To Make Your Plants Survive Radiator Heat

A radiator is often right in front of a window and may seem like the perfect tabletop to place your house plants in direct sunlight. The only issue is that radiators will heat your plants from the bottom and cause the roots to dry.

If a window with a radiator is your only option, try anchoring a shelf right above it, so there’s a divider between your plant and the radiator. Jade plants, if watered adequately, can still survive by using this technique.

Another way to try to avoid damage from radiator heat is to use a humidifier technique to moisten the air around your plants. Unfortunately, jade plants and other succulents prefer dry climates, so this method won’t work for them. If your plants prefer a more humid climate, then this will help.

Simply fill a tray with small rocks, and then fill the crevices with water, ensuring the water doesn’t rise above the top of the rocks. You can then place your plant directly on top of the rocks. This will make the heat from the radiator less harsh and more humid, helping many different types of houseplants. 

Plants That Can Survive On or Near A Radiator

  • Aloe Vera- With tough skin and strong components, aloe plants will most likely be able to tolerate the heat from a radiator.
  • Zebra Cactus- This plant can survive in extremely dry and hot conditions making it a good plant to place near or on a radiator. 
  • String of hearts- This plant prefers receiving lots of indirect light and warmth and can survive in dry and hot conditions. Heat from a radiator most likely won’t affect it.
  • Cast Iron Plant- The name speaks for itself with this plant. Like Iron, this plant is strong and very hard to damage or kill. It can withstand excessive heat and dry climates created by a radiator.

Final Thoughts

Jade is a great plant in your home, but just like most plants, it has specific needs. Placing on or near a radiator is dangerous to jade plants and many other house plants. If you notice that you have been watering your plants regularly, yet they still seem dry, then evaluate whether or not your plant is too close to the radiator in your home.

Radiators are typically below a window with natural light and form a tabletop, making them seem like a great spot to put your house plants. Many people don’t realize that the spot they found perfect for placing their houseplants could be the spot that’s killing them.

Ensure that unless your plant is built to withstand overly hot and dry conditions, you place it at least three feet from your home’s radiator box. Most plants are meant to grow in cooler and damp soils. If your plant is being heated constantly from underneath, it will drastically change the temperature and dryness of your plant’s soil. Refer to the list above to determine a better location to place your houseplants. 

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