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Can Succulent Leaves Heal

Succulents are notoriously some of the easiest plants for beginner gardeners to grow. However, this does not mean that issues cannot occur when growing these hearty plants. For instance, succulent leaves can sometimes break or become discolored, leaving gardeners wondering if succulent leaves can heal. 

Most of the time, damaged succulent leaves can heal when provided with extra care. How to save these damaged leaves will differ depending on the type of damage that they have received, though. This means repairing sunburned succulent leaves will involve a different process than saving broken succulent leaves. 

This article will explain everything gardeners need to know about healing damaged succulent leaves. This will include tips for repairing both sunburned and broken succulent leaves. Alright, let’s jump straight into it! 

Why Do Succulent Leaves Break? 

There are several different possible causes for succulent leaves to break. Most of the time, this problem is caused by physical trauma to the plant or overwatering. However, rotting can cause leaves on succulents to break away as well. Here we will be taking a closer look at these causes for breaking succulent leaves. 

Physical Damage Can Cause Succulent Leaves To Break 

Succulent leaves can break simply because something or someone has ripped them. This damage can sometimes occur when transplanting the succulent or pruning surrounding plants. Similarly, some curious animals may take a bite out of your succulent, causing broken leaves as well. The good news is that leaves damaged by physical trauma can heal on their own most of the time. 

Overwatering Can Cause Succulent Leaves To Crack Open

Succulents hold water in their leaves to survive periods of drought. While this trait is advantageous in the desert, it also leaves succulents at a greater risk for overwatering. When succulents receive too much water, their leaves will become overrun, causing the leaves to crack under all of the pressure. Luckily, changing your succulent’s watering schedule will usually save the plant. 

Rotting Can Cause Succulent Leaves To Break Away 

Of course, rotting can also cause leaves to soften and break at the weakest points. When caught early on, rotting leaves can usually be removed, which saves the plant. You will also need to change your succulent environment and watering schedule. This is because rotting in succulents is usually caused by excessive moisture. 

How To Save Broken Succulent Leaves 

Once you have identified the cause of your succulent leaves breaking, you can heal your succulent plant. Here is how you can save broken succulent leaves depending on the cause of the damage. 

Protect Your Succulents From Physical Damage

 The good news is that you do not need to do anything for succulent leaves that have broken off from physical damage. This is because succulent leaves will callus over and heal themselves after receiving this damage when they are otherwise healthy. However, if you do not like the look of these broken leaves, you can always prune them off. 

It is still a good idea to protect your succulents from further physical damage. This will prevent your plant from getting more damaged leaves, affecting the succulent’s overall look. Preventing animals from reaching your succulents and being extra careful when handling them will help prevent leaves from ripping or breaking in this way. 

Alter Your Watering Schedule For Your Succulents 

Watering your succulents less often will help prevent them from receiving damage caused by overwatering. Watering succulents only when the soil around them is dried is a good way to prevent overwatering them. Similarly, watering your succulents every few weeks to once a month will prevent them from becoming waterlogged. 

Trim Away Rotting Succulent Leaves 

Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do for rotting succulent leaves. The best thing you can do in this situation is trim the leaves that are affected by rot. This will prevent the rot from spreading to other parts of the plant. 

You may also need to evaluate the overall health of your succulent plant. This is because rotting in plants is usually a sign of a health problem. Most of the time, rotting in succulents is caused by overwatering or excessive moisture around the plant. Resolving these problems will prevent the rot on your succulent from returning. 

Why Do Succulent Leaves Get Discolored? 

Most of the time, discolored succulent leaves are sunburned, have a pest infestation, or have watering issues. Here we will look at these causes of leaf discoloration in succulents more closely and explain how you can tell which is causing your succulent’s leaves to look strange. 

Sunburned Succulent Leaves Will Be Lighter Than Usual And May Have Burn Marks 

Sunburn is a fairly common issue in succulents, and the leaves on sunburned succulents will often be lighter than usual. Sunburned succulent leaves will be extremely pale, and some will even seem to be turning white. Additionally, succulent leaves with more extreme cases of sunburn may develop brown spots, or the tips of the leaves will turn brown. 

Watering Issues Can Lead To Color Changes In Succulent Leaves 

Both overwatering and underwatering can cause succulent leaves to change into a light brown or yellow. Overwatered succulents will often have brown leaves that are wet or mushy, and they may also be cracking. Meanwhile, underwatered succulent leaves will appear shriveled or brittle. Underwatered succulents may also have curling leaves that have developed brown spots or edges. 

Pests Can Cause Succulent Leaves To Develop Spots

Some pests will lead to spotting on succulent leaves. This is especially true if these spots are yellow, white, or fuzzy to the touch. Mealybugs, Scale, and Spider mites are among the most common pests in succulents that can cause them to develop spotted leaves. 

How To Save Discolored Succulent Leaves 

Like with broken succulent leaves, there are some things that you can do to heal succulent leaves that are discolored. Here is how you can save discolored succulent leaves depending on what is causing the discoloration. 

How To Save Sunburned Succulents 

The best way to heal sunburned succulent leaves is to move them out of direct sunlight for a while. This will allow the leaves to heal and return to their healthy color. You can do this with potted plants by simply removing them from sunny areas during times of full sun. For succulents planted outdoors, using a net or a shade cloth will help prevent your succulents from receiving further damage from the sun. 

Change Your Watering Schedule For Your Succulents 

Once you have determined that your succulent is being either overwatered or underwatered, then you can alter your watering schedule for them. Most of the time, succulents are overwatered, as they only need to be watered around once a month when fully grown. However, watering them slightly more often can help if your succulent is being underwatered. 

How To Get Rid Of Pest Infestations On Succulents

The first thing you should do for succulents with a pest infestation is to remove all the insects. You can do this by lightly spraying the plant with dish soap and water. Once the pests are gone, you should continue monitoring your plants in case they come back. When all pests are gone for an extended amount of time, the succulent should slowly heal. 

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