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Can Jade Plants Survive Cold

You’re watching the news, and you see the extended forecast. Now that September is approaching, temperatures are lower, especially at night. Your jade plant has been thriving, and now you’re worried. Before the weatherman can even finish, you begin to worry: can jade plants survive the cold?

Jade plants are hardy and can survive in temperatures as low as 45-50 degrees. However, your jade plant prefers temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees. As temperatures get lower, the chance of your jade plant freezing gets higher.

One brisk night won’t kill your jade plant, but as the seasons change, your jade plant may need a new home to stay warm. This article will cover what temperatures are too low for your jade plant and if your plant can remain outdoors throughout the year. Keep reading!

What Temperature Can A Jade Plant Tolerate

Compared to other types of plants, jade plants are a relatively hardy species.

Most jade plants can tolerate temperatures as cold as 45 degrees without dying off.

Just because a jade plant can tolerate cold temperatures does not mean they prefer such temperatures.

Your jade plant will survive the nights as temperatures start to dip lower and lower, but there is a chance that your plant will experience frostbite or surface freezing as temperatures continue to go down.

Your jade plant will be healthiest and thrive the most in temperatures from 65 to 75 degrees, which feels almost tropical for some people!

How Cold Is Too Cold For A Jade Plant

You will want to consider bringing your jade plant in when temperatures begin to drop below 50 degrees outside consistently.

When it comes to your beautiful plants, you do not want to start to tempt fate. After a healthy growing season, you don’t want the falling temperatures to kill all your hard work.

Although your jade plant can survive in 45-degree weather nights, you should bring your plant in when temperatures consistently hover around 50 degrees to be safe.

True disaster could be impending when temperatures fall even lower, and a frost sets in.

As we’ll talk about later in this article, your jade plant may be able to survive a frost, but if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to try your luck!

Can A Jade Plant Be Left Outside

Jade plants can be happy outside for most of the year, but as temperatures get lower, you should bring your jade plant inside to avoid having to plant a new one each year.

In The Spring

In the spring, you have the opposite problem as in the winter.

Early spring will be too cold for your jade plant. Once again, the nights will be cold, and the morning will be brisk.

As you get into later spring, the temperatures will begin to level out, and the temperature will not dip lower at night.

One problem in the spring is your jade plant may receive too much water.

Jade plants do not need to be watered every day, so your “April showers” can overwater your jade plant.

In The Summer

The summer is the best time for your jade plant to grow outside.

Your jade plant is going to be happiest in temperatures around 70 degrees.

The nights will be warmer throughout the summer, so make sure to keep your jade plant watered. Feel the soil in the morning to see if it is too dry. Still, jade plants do not need to be watered daily.

If your plant is in a pot, make sure that your jade plant doesn’t get too much direct sunlight. Jade plants love the sun, but too much direct sunlight can also be bad for them.

If possible, keep the plant on the porch where it gets a lot of sunlight but isn’t completely overwhelmed.

In The Fall

The fall is when you need to consider bringing your jade plant inside.

Early fall can have seasonably warm temperatures.

In the United States, September and even October can be relatively warm, with temperatures regularly in the upper 50s and lower 60s.

It is not the days you will need to worry about; you need to keep an eye on the temperature at night because this is when it gets colder.

Temperatures won’t be as low as in the winter, but they will start to get dicey later in the season.

In The Winter

Your jade plant should not be outside in the winter.

For most parts of the United States, temperatures are usually at or below freezing. In the dead of winter, temperatures are closer to 0 degrees than 32 degrees.

Your jade plant will not survive such low temperatures and will likely not recover from this freezing.

There are also fewer sunny days in the winter, which means that your jade plant will not be able to grow strongly.

Even when your jade plant is inside, keep it away from windows where it can be cold enough to freeze them.

Will A Jade Plant Come Back After Freezing

As long as the trunk is green, a jade plant will come back after freezing.

The first freezing night of the season – 32 degrees or lower – can shock many hobbyist gardeners. No one is ever prepared for that first chilly night!

If you forget to bring in your plants for the night, it could spell disaster for them, as they will quickly die off.

However, your jade plant may be able to survive freezing, though it is not a guarantee.

Pull your plant inside as soon as you can to allow it to warm back up. Check the stem in a day or two. If you still see green, then you’re in luck! Your plant survived!

The green part of the trunk means that your jade plant will begin to regrow in the coming weeks.

Keep your jade plant indoors and in the sunlight as much as possible to help it along.

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