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Why Are My Cucumbers Fat On One End – Here’s The Causes!

Gardening tends to be viewed as a relaxing hobby that gets people outside and more in tune with nature. While this is true, it can also become a frustrating task if you find that the plants or vegetables you are attempting to grow are not coming out exactly the way they should. 

Cucumbers can grow incorrectly if their environment is not exactly right. One of the most common examples is misshapen vegetables, especially cucumbers. For example, if you pick a fresh one from your cucumber plant and see its shape looks strange, you may wonder: “Why are my cucumbers fat on one end?”

Pollenation issues, insufficient water, hot temperatures, too much fertilizer, and disease are all potential reasons that your cucumbers are fat on one end. 

Now that you know that your growing space has to be perfect for your cucumbers let’s explore what could be causing them to grow incorrectly. After, learn how to avoid or remedy issues so that your cucumbers grow the way that they should.

Pollination problems

Pollination problems can occur if the female bloom is not receiving enough viable pollen. When this happens, a cucumber can become misshapen, or its growth can be stunted entirely altogether. You can usually tell if this has happened to your cucumber plant if you can visibly see that it is swollen on one end and shorter than your average cucumbers. In some cases, the end of the cucumber may even curl up, leaving you with small, chubby cucumbers.

Improper watering

For most plants, underwatering or overwatering can be the end of the road. New gardeners tend to overwater, so save your plant and save yourself some time by ensuring that your cucumbers are getting the right amount of water and access to drainage for any overflow. If you find yourself giving your cucumber plant too much or too little water, you’ll find that it can drastically affect its overall growth and formation.

Cucumber plants are relatively low-maintenance. Depending on the temperature, they only require watering once or twice a week. Another way to determine if your cucumber plant needs watering is to see if the soil feels dry. If it feels dry about an inch below the surface, you will need to water it.

Hot temperatures

An increase in temperature can be a fairly common reason for a cucumber to be fat on one end. When the temperature changes, the amount of water given to the plant also needs to change. 

Many gardeners find that if they continue to water at the same rate that they always have, their plants will not fare as well. So, when checking the weather to see what to wear, think about what your cucumbers need, too! The hotter it is, the more water your plant will need. 

Too much fertilizer

When our plants look like they need help, it is entirely rational to reach for fertilizer in hopes of it saving them. However, if the wrong type of fertilizer is used or the amount of fertilizer is not correct, fertilizer can do more damage than good. 

Most fertilizers are nitrogen-based, which can cause issues with the overall composition of the soil. It is important to note that fertilizer should never be your first choice when attempting to rescue a plant, especially vegetables like cucumbers. Instead, try natural remedies. 

Many gardeners have found that adding a small amount of compost or coffee grounds to their plants helps their soil gain the nutrients they need. The natural elements ensure that your plant has everything it needs to grow strong. Adding these natural items is an excellent tip to implement whether your plant is struggling or not.

Environmental stress

Environmental stress is another big reason why cucumbers can grow misshapen. This stress can look like several things; improper watering, sunlight, or nutrients. Each of these cultivates environmental stress that reduces proper production in its way. When you are first planting your garden, take these three elements into account, so you know that the spot you’ve chosen will serve you and your plants best.


It is easy to assume that when a plant is not growing the way it should that it is because we don’t have the best green thumb. Well, there is no need to blame yourself. 

Most of the time, if a plant is not growing correctly, it is due to disease. There are various diseases that plants can be infected with. The two most likely to infect a cucumber plant are:

  • Cucumber Mosaic Virus
  • Aster Yellows

For cucumbers specifically, there is a disease called Cucumber mosaic virus. This virus stops growth immediately or will create a misshaped plant during growth. Aster yellows, on the other hand, also operate like a virus. This disease causes misshapen cucumbers, as well as other grown produce.

Both of these diseases are brought to plants by insects, mainly. Insects like aphids, cucumber beetles, or leafhoppers can be especially tough to treat.

To keep these pests or other insects from disturbing your delicious cucumbers, there are a few things you can try:

  • an insecticidal soap
  • removing pests by hand
  • utilizing mulch to keep insects away from plant root

Final Thoughts

Growing your vegetables is a great, productive hobby that can help keep you and your family healthy. However, when you find that your beloved cucumbers are not growing properly, you might be wondering why they look misshapen or seem stunted in their growth. There are several reasons why a cucumber appears larger on one end: pollination issues, environmental issues, improper watering, disease, and more. 

Taking the time to learn about these potential problems and planning out the placement of your garden can help you grow a very prosperous cucumber plant. However, if you have a struggling garden, there are plenty of remedies you can implement so that your next batch of cucumbers is the best one yet!

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