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How Long Do Moon Cactus Live – Growth Timeline & More!

Created through a process called grafting, where the Rootstock and Hibotan cacti are physically combined, Moon cactus is one of the most popular succulents around. They are very resistant to disease and tend to live long lives. But, exactly how long do Moon Cactus live?

A Moon cactus can live to between 12 – 24 months, with some living as long as three years. In some rare cases, they can live longer, although some may only last a few months if not properly cared for.

Here we will explain everything cactus growers need to know about the moon cactus. 

How Long Do Moon Cacti Live? 

Most of the time, moon cacti do not live for more than three years. However, it is not unusual for moon cacti to die much earlier than this. Many moon cacti do not survive for more than a few months. 

However, with proper care, some can live as long as five years. They key is to make sure your moon cactus has plenty of fertilizer, and is routinely watered. The location of the plant matters as well, usually direct sunlight is not the best. Let’s dive more into how to take care of a moon cactus so that it can live a long, healthy life.

How Do You Properly Take Care Of A Moon Cactus? 

Luckily, taking proper care of a moon cactus will allow it to live as long as possible. Here are some helpful tips for properly taking care of a moon cactus. 

Place your Moon cactus in a shaded location.

The best place to set up your moon cactus is in a place that receives a decent amount of partial sunlight. This means a shaded spot that also receives a decent amount of sun for part of the day. 

Water less

Unlike most succulents, Moon Cacti do not need to be watered very much.

Most people with a moon cactus only water it about once a month when it is hot and a bit less often when it is cool. If your moon plant is in more direct sun and you see the soil is drying out, then of course you’ll need to water more frequently. Adding some peat moss can be helpful to help retain moisture if thats the case.

It is also best if you have a soil mixture for your moon cactus that drains water well. 

Fertilize Your Moon Cactus

You do need to fertilize your moon cactus. Like watering, it is recommended that you give your moon cactus fertilizer about once a month. A good quality 15-15-15 fertilizer is recommended for moon cacti. 

Can moon cactus grow indoors

Yes, a moon cactus can grow indoors. Many claim that it can be easier to grow and care for a moon cactus indoors than outdoors. 

Can moon cactus grow outside

That being said, many people also have success growing their moon cactus outside. However, more things could go wrong when a moon cactus is planted outdoors. This is usually due to too much sunlight and extreme temperatures. It is best to place a moon cactus in a shady spot outdoors and prevent the cactus from over-watering from rain. 

How long do cacti live without water

Most cacti living in the desert can live for up to two years without water. This is because cacti have a hollow center that is designed to hold water for periods of drought, which frequently occurs in desert regions. Unfortunately, the moon cactus is much more delicate than most cacti living in the desert. As a result, the moon cactus cannot live without water for more than a few months. 

How long do cactus flowers last

The length of time a cactus flower can last depends entirely on the cactus species. Sometimes a cactus flower will only last for one day, and other times a cactus may have flowers for weeks at a time. 

When it comes to the flowers from the moon cactus, their flowers only tend to last for just twelve hours. In addition to this, moon cacti only flower once a year. This makes seeing the moon cactus’ vibrant flowers a very special experience. 

How do you know when a moon cactus is dying

Most of the time, you can tell that a moon cactus is dying by taking note of its appearance. Here are some possible signs that a moon cactus is dying. 

  • The plant is turning brown 
  • Signs of rotting 
  • The top ball separating from the bottom stem 
  • Withering 
  • The plant collapsing or falling over

Although sometimes you can save a dying moon cactus, these plants are not known to live very long. As a result, most of the time, the moon cactus dies shortly after showing these signs due to its delicate nature. 

How big can moon cactus grow

When fully grown, most moon cacti get to be about twelve inches tall and four inches wide at their colorful top. However, some moon cacti may be smaller than this. 

Can cacti grow forever

Unfortunately, cacti cannot grow and live forever. However, many species of naturally occurring cacti can live for an incredibly long time. This lifespan can be between ten and two hundred years, but some cacti can live even longer. Unfortunately, the moon cactus is not known to live very long, mostly because moon cacti are grafted plants that are not naturally occurring. 

Things To Consider 

You may need to consider some other things about growing a moon cactus. These things include what you should do with a baby moon cactus and if a moon cactus can grow without grafting. Here are some additional things to consider about growing moon cacti. 

What do you do with a baby moon cactus

The best thing that you can do for a baby moon cactus is to carefully pot it and focus on providing the cactus with proper care. This will help ensure that the moon cactus will grow and develop properly and live for as long as possible.

Can moon cactus grow without grafting

No, moon cacti cannot grow without grafting. The cactus will die very quickly without grafting due to a lack of fuel and nutrients. 

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