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Can Succulents Live In Moss

When researching the best ways to plant and take care of succulents, you have likely come across the idea of using moss on your succulents. But can succulents live in moss?

Yes succulents can live in moss. Peat moss provides nitrogen and moisture retention; a crucial part of succulent care.

Using moss on your succulents is a great idea, mainly when using peat moss or sphagnum moss. Here we will explain everything you need to know about planting your succulents in moss. This includes how to plant and take care of succulents in moss. Let’s jump right into it!

Can Succulents Live In Moss? 

Yes, succulents can live in moss. Although many different types of moss can be used on succulents, the best types are peat moss and sphagnum moss. This is because these types of moss aid with water drainage. This is important for succulents because too much water damages these plants. 

What Types Of Moss Work Best For Succulents 

There are two types of moss that work best for succulents. These two types of moss include peat moss and sphagnum moss. Sphagnum moss is stringy, green living moss, and peat moss is usually dried and brown. Peat moss is made up of dried and dead moss. Here we will be going into these two moss types and explaining exactly why they are both good for succulents. 

Peat Moss 

Technically speaking, peat moss and sphagnum moss come from the same plant. However, they usually come in two very different forms. Peat moss is made from dead plant matter, and it is usually dried out as well. This is great for succulents. After all, it aids with water drainage because it is dried out while also providing the plant with nutrients. 

Sphagnum Moss 

Meanwhile, sphagnum moss is usually stringy and soft. Sphagnum moss usually retains moisture and helps slow feed water and nutrients to the succulent. This can be a great option for those looking for a good, moist additive to soil or even a soil replacement. 

How To Plant Succulents In Moss

You will plant succulents in moss just like you would in soil. The first step is to place the moss down, carefully place your succulent with the roots intact, and then cover the roots with a bit more moss. This is the same process for living sphagnum moss and dried peat moss.

Can Succulents Root In Moss? 

Yes, succulents can and do root in moss. Again, peat moss and sphagnum moss are decent candidates for growing succulents. However, for most people, dried peat moss is the most effective. This is because peat moss does not require water to survive like living sphagnum moss. 

Living sphagnum moss needs a decent amount of water to survive, while succulents need very little. This can cause problems, especially if you are new to growing succulents. 

Meanwhile, peat moss is already made up of dead and dried matter. As a result, dried peat moss technically requires no water. This tends to make peat moss a better substrate for succulents due to the very small amount of water they need to survive. 

Do You Need To Replenish The Moss A Succulent Is Planted In? 

When it comes to living sphagnum moss, you will only need to replenish it if the old sphagnum moss dies. This is usually due to underwatering, as succulents should not be given too much water. Unfortunately, living sphagnum moss does not tend to do as well with succulents as dried peat moss does. 

On the other hand, dried peat moss may need to be replenished from time to time, just like soil does. This is because the dried material will likely erode over time due to natural wind and watering. This is entirely natural, and you do not need to worry if your dried peat moss needs replenishing. 

Is Moss Good For Succulents? 

Dried peat moss is an excellent additive for your succulent soil. This is because the dried plant material provides the succulent with some great natural water drainage. This can help problems that occur in overwatered succulents, such as rotting and powdery mildew. 

Living sphagnum moss can sometimes also be a good soil replacement for succulents. However, more things can technically go wrong when using this medium. This is mainly thanks to the different water requirements of these two plants. After all, moss needs a lot of water to survive, and succulents need very little. Too much water can potentially even damage some succulents. 

When it comes to sphagnum moss and succulents, they seem to work best when both are planted in soil. This way, your moss can soak up the moisture without your succulents sitting in it directly. However, your plant will still get the nutritional benefits from the moss, and you will still get the visual effect that you desire from the moss and succulent arrangement. 

Things To Consider  

You may want to consider some other things when it comes to planting succulents in moss. These things include how often you should water succulents that are planted in moss and if you need to fertilize succulents living in moss. Here are some other things you should consider about planting succulents in moss. 

How Often Should You Water Succulents In Moss? 

Technically, you can water succulents the same amount when they are planted in moss and other mediums like soil. This is because you do not want to overwater your succulents. 

A good rule of thumb is to feel the moss and see if it is dry. This is a sign that your plant needs watering. Usually, this occurs every couple of weeks. However, this could be more or less frequent depending on the moss used and where the succulent is placed. 

Most of the time, this will not be a problem at all with dried peat moss. This is because this type of moss is not technically living and therefore needs no water to survive. Think of dried peat moss as a similar substance to soil or fertilizer. 

On the other hand, continuing to water a succulent planted in sphagnum moss may cause some problems for the moss. This is because sphagnum moss technically needs a lot of water to survive, while most succulents do not. 

Do You Need To Fertilize Succulents Living In Moss? 

Typically speaking, no, you will not need to fertilize succulents living in moss, and it doesn’t matter what type of moss the succulents are planted in either. This is because the moss will provide your succulents with nutrients, essentially working as a fertilizer replacement, whether it is living sphagnum moss or dried peat moss. 

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