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Can You Grow Gardeners Delight Tomatoes In A Hanging Basket – Here’s How!

Many gardeners are looking to grow plants in smart ways to save space. Luckily, hanging baskets can be a great way to grow smaller plant. But can you grow Gardener’s Delight tomatoes in a hanging basket?

Yes, you can grow cherry tomatoes like the Gardeners Delight in a hanging basket. The basket must be large enough to hold the right amount of soil and allow the roots to breathe and expand. It is best to use seedlings instead of starting tomatoes from seed when using a hanging basket.

This article will explain everything that gardeners need to know about planting their tomato plants in hanging baskets. 

What Kind Of Tomatoes Can You Grow In A Hanging Basket? 

Hanging baskets are an excellent choice for smaller plants with enough room to expand and grow from this type of planting method. This makes smaller tomato plants, such as the varieties of cherry tomato plants, a great choice for a hanging basket. 

How Many Tomato Plants Can You Put In A Hanging Basket? 

How many tomato plants you can effectively grow in a hanging basket depends entirely on the size of the plant and the size of the hanging basket. For example, very small cherry tomato plants like the Tiny Tom can have up to two or three plants in the average-sized hanging basket. However, larger cherry tomato plants will need to be limited to just one plant per basket. 

Do Hanging Tomato Plants Really Work? 

Yes, many small tomato plants can grow in hanging baskets. They work by providing a space for the plant’s roots to grow inside of the basket while the tomato vines hang down. The main thing to consider when planting a tomato plant in a hanging basket is if the plant will need more room to grow than the basket can provide.

Most small tomato plants will fit inside of a hanging basket just fine. This means that many cherry tomatoes can be grown in a hanging basket. Meanwhile, large tomato plants such as Roma Tomatoes will not grow well in a hanging basket. 

How Do You Grow Tomatoes In A Hanging Basket? 

When planting tomatoes in a hanging basket, the process is the same as planting tomato plants in other places, such as in a gardening pot. However, tomato plants will grow a little differently in a hanging basket than conventionally. 

Tomato plants will grow vertically when planted in the ground or a gardening pot. This means that they will grow straight up, and the vines may need some extra support when they start producing tomatoes. However, the vines on a tomato plant will hang down when a tomato plant is grown in a hanging basket. 

How Do You Plant Hanging Tomatoes? 

Planting tomatoes in a hanging basket is as easy as growing a tomato plant in a gardening pot. The first thing you will need to do is choose a tomato plant and a hanging basket that will complement each other, meaning that the tomato plant needs to fit in the hanging basket when it is fully grown. 

Once you choose a tomato plant and a hanging basket, you will need to fill the hanging basket with good soil, just like you would need to when planting tomatoes in a gardening pot. This is what is going to get your tomato plant to grow properly. You may also want to place fertilizer in the basket as well. You will also do this just as you would normally. 

When planting tomatoes in a hanging basket, the final step performed is to plant the tomatoes and hang the basket. It would help if you planted tomatoes in a hanging basket in the same way you would plant them normally.

Many people recommend getting a seedling instead of seeds when using a hanging basket because it makes the process a bit easier. It is also advisable to choose a sunny spot to hang your hanging basket. This is because tomato plants need a lot of sun to grow and thrive. 

How Do You Hang Tomato Plants Upside Down? 

When planting tomato plants in a hanging basket, the plant is not hung upside down. This means that the roots and base of the plant are positioned in the same way that they would be if they were growing straight from the ground.

Rather, hanging baskets allow the vines of a tomato plant to hang down instead of growing vertically. This gives an illusion that the plant is being grown upside down. 

Things To Consider 

You may want to consider some other things when it comes to growing gardener’ delight cherry tomatoes in a hanging basket. These include knowing what other kinds of plants can be grown in hanging baskets, and some tips for growing gardeners delight cherry tomatoes. Here are some other things to consider about growing gardeners delight tomatoes in hanging baskets. 

What Other Kinds Of Plants Can Be Grown In Hanging Baskets

Many plants can thrive in hanging baskets and cherry tomato plants. For example, many different species of flowers and house plants can thrive in hanging baskets. Here are some other plants that grow well in hanging baskets. 

  • Strawberries 
  • Creeping jenny 
  • Ivy 
  • Spider plants 
  • Petunias 
  • Training geraniums 

More Tips For Planting Gardeners Delight Tomatoes In A Hanging Basket 

Although tomato plants can seem tricky to grow, they are a pretty easy plant to grow when you follow some simple guidelines. Here are some tips for growing gardeners delight tomatoes in a hanging basket. 

  • Hang the basket in an area that gets plenty of sun (gardeners delight tomatoes need lots of sun to grow and thrive) 
  • Remember to water your plant frequently. 
  • Water the soil and the roots, not the leaves (watering from above and having wet leaves can sometimes lead to disease in tomato plants) 
  • Keep a lookout for pests and signs that your plant is diseased, and react accordingly
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