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Can Roma Tomatoes Be Round

When you first start gardening, a great plant is a tomato plant, to begin with. They are often easier to grow than other plants. Tomato plants offer a plentiful and valuable item, and they grow quicker than other plants usually. Once you have decided you want to grow tomatoes, you will need to determine what kind you want. There are numerous types of tomatoes and tomato hybrids; however, for beginners, it is usually best to choose from either a standard tomato plant or a Roma tomato plant. 

Roma tomatoes tend to grow into an oval shape and hold less water than the standard tomato plant fruit. The smaller amount of water makes them what is referred to as a paste tomato plant. A paste tomato plant is suitable for sauces or toppings because it holds less water and will not be soggy. So if you end up choosing to plant a Roma tomato plant, as it starts to grow, you might be wondering, “Can Roma tomatoes be round?”

Roma tomatoes are not round. They are oval or egg-like shapes. Their unique shape is one of their biggest differentiators from other tomatoes.

Now that you know that Roma tomatoes can’t be round, you might be wondering what a good Roma tomato does look like. There are numerous ways to tell if a Roma tomato grows to its full potential.

What should a Roma tomato look like?

While Roma tomatoes will not be round, a healthy one will grow into an oval shape. They can vary in color based on the variety of Roma tomatoes they are. Still, typically they run a bit lighter than your standard tomato, sometimes even appearing as a light red or pink hue. Additionally, a Roma tomato will never be as watery inside as a standard one. This is why Roma tomatoes are a great choice if you plan to use the yield of your plant to make sauces. 

Your Roma tomato plant will likely only grow to just above five feet tall. Some new gardeners worry that their plant is growing tall enough and assume something is wrong with the plant. There is no need to worry; they tend to be on the shorter side even when they are thriving. The tomatoes that grow on this plant are usually medium-sized. The tomatoes will usually grow to have a firm flesh surrounding them, fewer seeds than other varieties, and typically ripen around the two-week mark.

Are there different types of Roma tomatoes?

Yes. There are several kinds of Roma tomatoes. There is a plentiful number of hybrids that use Romas as well. Hybrids can offer some variety to the standard colors and taste of Romas. Some of the best Roma tomato plant variations include:

  • 10 Fingers of Naples
  • These are small but mighty. They are a great addition to salads because of their smaller size. They grow to about six inches long.
  • Granadero
  • This type is perfect for a garden that tends to get visited by pests. It is pest-resistant and can grow well in cooler temperatures assuming the ground is fertile.
  • Heinz
  • Heinz is the most common of the Roma variations. This type is usually on the larger side and tends to be one of the most flavorful.
  • Martino’s Roma
  • Martino’s Romas have a strong flavor that can boost any dish and make them so they can be eaten fresh on their own. They are one of the more versatile variations, so the options are endless! 
  • Old Ivory Egg
  • This is interesting because it leans more to the yellow side in terms of color but still has the classic egg shape. It also tastes more fruity and sweet, making it even more unique.
  • Plum Regal
  • This is a hybrid variety that is full and very red. It is disease-resistant and offers high yields during harvest.
  • San Marzano
  • The perfect Roma to use to make a sauce. These grow in a cluster of large, thinner fruits than other Romas and have even fewer seeds keeping them drier than different varieties.
  • Sunrise Sauce
  • Another hybrid is bright orange and full of flavor. The perfect addition to any salsa.
  • Striped Roman
  • The Striped Roman is the usual Roma tomato in terms of taste and size. However, the appearance differs; this variation has yellow stripes all over it.
  • Ukrainian Purple
  • This variety lives up to the name. They come from Ukraine and have a more purple color than other Romas. This is another cold-friendly tomato plant.

Final Thoughts

Roma tomatoes are an excellent option for beginner gardeners. Like standard tomato plants, they are relatively easy to manage and grow on the quicker side so that you can enjoy your hard work sooner. But when looking at all the tomato plant varieties and hybrids, it can be easy to mix them up. 

Roma tomatoes are not round, so they stand out compared to the regular variation of tomatoes. However, several hybrids and variations can take slightly different shapes, but most still mimic the usual oval shape. 

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