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How Much Sun Do Burpless Cucumbers Need

With hardly any bitterness or seeds, burpless cucumbers are a popular variety to grow, especially in home gardens. Burpless cucumbers typically don’t require pollination, making them easier to grow. Of course, natural elements like water and light are always crucial in growing healthy plants. Specifically, you must be asking, how much sun do burpless cucumbers need?

Like every cucumber variety, burpless cucumbers require lots of direct sunlight and warmth. That usually equates to a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight per day but should ideally be eight hours. Cucumbers will not grow, flourish and produce if they aren’t correctly placed to receive adequate sunlight. 

Continue reading to learn more about burpless cucumbers and the importance of direct sunlight access.

Do Burpless Cucumbers Like Morning Or Afternoon Sun?

Cucumbers require 6-8 hours of direct sunlight a day. That includes a growing temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally, receiving that amount of direct sunlight will extend from the morning to the afternoon in the late spring and summer.

In most areas, the sun usually reaches its peak of the strongest rays and hottest temperature at around 3 pm. To receive 6-8 hours of the strongest and most direct sunlight, burpless cucumbers must be placed accordingly to be exposed from 9 am to 6 pm.

That means that cucumber plants will receive sunlight in the morning and the afternoon. They don’t have a preference for one over the other. 

What’s The Best Place To Grow Burpless Cucumbers?

Choose a growing location that receives 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily. If growing in containers or pots, ensure you aren’t picking a porch or covered area that is shaded for too long during the day.

If you are growing your burpless cucumbers in a garden bed, avoid trees and other large shrubs or wood structures that will limit the time your cucumber plants are in direct sunlight. Lastly, use supports such as a trellis or stakes to encourage your cucumbers to grow upwards. This will give them optimal exposure to the sun. 

What Happens If Burpless Cucumbers Don’t Receive Enough Sunlight?

  • Your burpless cucumber plants won’t yield a very large harvest, if any at all.
  • If your plants produce even a few burpless cucumbers, they won’t taste normal. They may be bitter or lack any flavor at all.
  • Your cucumbers may look odd. This could include possessing a strange color, being shaped oddly, or having an unappetizing texture.  

Can Burpless Cucumbers Get Too Much Sun?

Just like any plant, burpless cucumbers can receive too much sunlight. This typically only happens in extremely dry climates experiencing very high outdoor temperatures and direct sun streaks. If your cucumber plants are receiving too much sun, you will notice that they are beginning to fall and deteriorate.

They may not produce a big harvest, if any at all. To avoid this issue and keep direct sunlight at a daily 8-hour average, you may have to shade your garden with a structure.

If your cucumbers are in pots or containers, try moving them to a shaded location such as a porch after they have received enough sunlight for the day. Make sure to nourish your burpless cucumbers with lots of water after they have been exposed to excessive sun and heat. 

Final Thoughts

Most crops require the basic nutrients of water and sunlight to grow and produce fruit, and burpless cucumbers are no exception.

To efficiently grow tasty and good quality cucumbers, they must receive a minimum of 6 hours a day; however, 8 hours is ideally what you want to aim for. If you live in an area that lacks sun and warmth, try growing your burpless cucumbers indoors under grow lights.

If you live in an area that receives adequate sunlight, ensure your cucumbers are placed accordingly in their growing space to be exposed to it. Lastly, with large amounts of sunlight, burpless cucumbers need water to nourish them and prevent them from drying out. Don’t forget to replenish your cucumbers with water and nutrients to ensure a large and high-quality harvest.

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