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How Many Tomato Plants In A Grow Bag – Here’s How To Know!

Some new gardeners may be surprised that you can grow plants in more places than just pots and planters. More and more people are starting to grow their plants in mediums like hanging baskets and grow bags. Given their size you may be wondering, how many tomato plants can you put in a grow bag?

You can fit 1 to 5 tomato plants in a a grow bag. For smaller 5-gallon grow bags, you can have one tomato plant. For larger grow bags between 20-30 gallons, you can fit up to 5 tomato plants.

Here we will explain everything you need to know about growing tomato plants in these grow bags. Let’s get into it. 

Determining How Many Tomato Plants Fit Into Grow Bags

The number of tomato plants you can fit in a grow bag depends on the size of the tomato plant and the size of the grow bag itself. Here is a helpful table that clearly explains how many tomato plants you can fit into grow bags, depending on the bag’s size. 

Grow Bag SizeNumber Of Tomato Plants
5-7 gallons 1 tomato plant 
10-15 gallons 2 tomato plants 
20 gallons 3 tomato plants 
30 gallons 4-5 tomato plants
Chart showing how many tomato plants can fit in grow bags arranged by size in gallons

It is important to mention that any grow bag used for tomato plants should be at least 10 to 12 inches deep. This is because this depth will allow your tomato plant’s roots to grow properly. 

When it comes to the diameter of your grow bag, you have a bit more wiggle room. A smaller grow bag of around 5 to 7 inches in diameter is usually only suitable for one tomato plant; meanwhile, larger grow bags can fit more tomato plants most of the time. 

The size of the tomato plant matters when it comes to the amount of them you can plant in a grow bag. You will likely be able to fit more tomato plants in a grow bag when they are of a smaller size. This means you can plant a few more cherry tomato plants in grow bags than larger species of tomato plants. 

Is It Better To Grow Tomatoes In Pots Or Grow Bags? 

There is, unfortunately, no clear answer to whether or not pots or grow bags are better suited for tomato plants. This is because the question is subjective, and the answer can vary from gardener to gardener. 

However, many people may find it easier to manage tomato plants in pots than in grow bags. This is simply because it tends to be easier to do things like add fertilizer and replace potting soil in pots than in grow bags. You will likely not need to water tomatoes planted in pots as often as you would for tomatoes planted in grow bags. 

Can You Plant Two Tomato Plants Together? 

Yes, two tomato plants can be planted together as long as there is enough space for both plants to grow and develop properly. When growing your tomato plants in grow bags, it is recommended that you have a grow bag that is at least 10 to 15 gallons in size.

If you are planting a larger species of a tomato plant, it is best to air on the side of caution and get a larger-sized grow bag. Meanwhile, cherry tomatoes tend to need less space. 

Can Tomato Grow Bags Be Reused? 

Yes, tomato grow bags can be reused as long as they are made of fabric and well taken care of. When reusing a fabric tomato grow bag, it is recommended that you empty it out completely of soil and fertilizer and then thoroughly wash the bag before reusing.

Many reusable grow bags are also safe to put in the washing machine, which can make this process easier. However, you should always double-check the labels on your grow bag before doing this. 

How Often Should I Water Tomatoes In Grow Bags? 

Generally speaking, tomatoes grown in grow bags tend to need watering more often than tomato plants grown in other mediums. This is because the soil in grow bags tends to dry out more quickly than in the ground or even in pots.

As a result, it is recommended that you water tomatoes in grow bags multiple times a day. Making sure that the soil around your tomato plant is always moist is a good rule when growing tomato plants in grow bags. 

Can You Overwater Tomatoes In Grow Bags? 

Although tomatoes in grow bags should be watered several times a day, there is always a risk of overwatering. Having a grow bag with good water drainage can help to prevent overwatering.

In addition to this, it is also recommended that you ensure that the soil around your tomato plant is wet but not soupy after you water it. As mentioned before, ensuring that the soil around your tomato plants remains moist is a good rule to follow. 

How Do You Look After Tomato Plants In Grow Bags? 

There is more to caring for tomato plants besides watering, though. Here are some other things that you will need to do when caring for tomato plants in grow bags. 

Fertilizing Your Tomato Plants 

Fertilizing tomato plants becomes even more important when they are planted in grow bags. This is because tomato plants in grow bags have less access to nutrients than tomatoes planted in the ground do. You should give your tomato plants fertilizer every couple of weeks when they are planted in grow bags. 

Replenishing Soil

You will also likely need to replenish the soil in your grow bag from time to time. This is because soil can erode away from your plant over time. If you notice some soil erosion around your tomato plant, adding some more is a good idea. 

Things To Consider 

There are some other things that you should consider when it comes to growing tomato plants in grow bags. These things include whether or not grow bags should be elevated and what other kinds of plants can be grown in grow bags. Here are some other things to consider about growing your plants in grow bags. 

Should Grow Bags Be Elevated? 

In some cases, you can elevate grow bags. However, it is not necessarily a must. Smaller grow bags tend to elevate more easily due to their smaller size and weight. Meanwhile, larger grow bags are easier to care for on the ground. This is because you will likely need to take elevated grow bags down to add things like soil and fertilizer to them. 

What Other Plants Can Be Grown In Grow Bags? 

Many other types of plants can be grown in grow bags besides tomatoes. Here are some other plants that are well suited for grow bags. 

  • Small peppers 
  • Potatoes 
  • Onions 
  • Carrots 
  • Cabbage 
  • Lettuce 
  • Beans 
  • Beets 
  • Radishes 
  • Broccoli 
  • Cauliflower 

It is important to note that you should do your research on these plants before planting them in a grow bag. This is because these plants will often need varying sizes of grow bags, and they will have different care instructions as well.

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