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Do Cherry Tomatoes Come Back Every Year

Tomatoes are a staple used in many classic dishes. They are tasty and very versatile. You will find tomatoes growing in many gardens worldwide, especially cherry tomatoes. Everyone loves a plant that continuously produces and doesn’t die off after one season. You may be wondering, do cherry tomatoes come back every year?

Cherry tomatoes do not come back every year, but with specific techniques, you can make an indeterminate species of tomatoes, such as cherry, which last up to two years. It is most common to replant tomatoes every year due to cold weather conditions and the inability of tomato plants to survive in them.

Continue reading to learn more about cherry tomatoes and how to make them live and produce as long as possible.

Why Don’t Cherry Tomatoes Grow Back Every Year?

Most fruit and vegetable crops have to be grown from newly purchased starts or fresh seeds every year; cherry tomatoes included. The main reason cherry tomatoes won’t grow yearly is the weather conditions.

At the beginning of the growing season, crops must be planted a while after the last frost date to ensure that they don’t freeze and die off. That is simply because they can’t survive in the cold. The same goes for after the growing season.

When producing and harvesting times end, the weather gets cold again. Cherry tomatoes can’t survive in cold climates. However, because they are an indeterminate variety of tomatoes, they can survive and produce for up to two years.

Do Cherry Tomatoes Keep Producing?

Since cherry tomatoes are an indeterminate species of tomato, they will keep producing for the entire season. Rather than a quick harvest, they can slowly be harvested over time.

They will produce a bigger yield than many other tomato species, especially determinate ones. Once the weather changes and cherry tomatoes grow in colder conditions with less sun, they won’t produce anymore.

Refer to the list below to learn the difference between indeterminate tomatoes and determinate ones.

Indeterminate Vs. Determinate Tomatoes


  • Determinate tomatoes typically grow to a set size and will not grow larger past that point. 
  • They produce one large supply of tomatoes and must be harvested fairly quickly. 
  • They are usually a lot smaller in size than indeterminate tomatoes, growing to around 5 feet tall. 
  • Determinate tomatoes can’t produce again once they have been harvested and the season is over.


  • Indeterminate tomatoes will grow as large as you allow them to. 
  • They will produce many batches of tomatoes throughout the growing season. They will give you a smaller and more constant supply instead of only one large harvest. 
  • Once the first frost date occurs, they can’t withstand the cold, so that they will die off. 
  • Indeterminate tomatoes, such as cherries, can grow and produce for up to two years, as long as they are living in the proper conditions.

How Do You Keep Cherry Tomatoes Alive For Multiple Years?

As mentioned above, cherry tomatoes are indeterminate and can last up to two years. However, there are certain conditions required for them to live that long. First, cherry tomatoes need at least 6-8 hours of sunlight daily. That must continue throughout the entire year.

That means, if your cherry tomatoes are growing outside, you must live somewhere that stays sunny to provide adequate sunlight. Not only does it need to be sunny, but the temperature that cherry tomatoes live in has to remain around 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Any risk of frost is very dangerous to them. Lastly, cherry tomatoes must be watered once a day. This will ensure they have enough nutrients to live up to two years. 

If you cannot provide warm weather, or 6-8 hours of direct sunlight a day, you can try bringing your tomato plants inside. Plan and plant them in pots so they are easily transported inside. Purchase a grow light and place them over the plants to guarantee they receive adequate light.

Lastly, ensure they have enough space to grow, proper support, and daily water. If you follow all of these steps, you will receive the most out of your cherry tomato plants and will be able to harvest tomatoes for up to two years. 

How Do You Know If A Cherry Tomato Plant Is Done Producing?

If your outdoor elements align with a cherry tomato plant’s needs, or you are supplying the needs yourself, your cherry tomatoes can grow up to two years. After the two-year mark, there is still a possibility your plants will produce some fruit.

The harvest, however, will be much smaller. Cherry tomato plants produce many tomatoes at the beginning of their life; as they age, they produce less. Eventually, the nutrients will be taken from their soil, and they will not produce any fruit. That is how you know they have come to the end of their life. They will slowly begin to die off. 

Final Thoughts

Cherry tomatoes don’t come back yearly but will produce longer than many other crops. As mentioned above, as an indeterminate tomato plant, cherry tomatoes already produce longer than other determinate tomato varieties.

Many gardeners believe it’s not worth it to try and extend the life of cherry tomatoes and make them last two years. It can be a lot of work if you don’t already have a perfect outdoor climate to grow them all year in. You must manually create the natural elements that tomatoes need to grow and produce.

This can be very difficult. Overall, the life of cherry tomatoes can be extended, but after two years, they will not come back and need to be replanted. Based on where you live and the lengths you are willing to go, you can then decide whether or not you want to work to extend the life of your cherry tomatoes. 

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