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Can You Grow Cucumbers On Chicken Wire – Does It Work?

Cucumbers: one of the vegetables that scream “summer.” When you’re looking to plant your own crop of cucumbers, you stumble upon the explanation that cucumbers grow better on a fence, but you don’t know much about it. Here’s what to think about the following: Can you grow cucumbers on chicken wire?

You can grow cucumbers on chicken wire. Cucumbers grow best when they can grow upward, so chicken wire is an inexpensive, accessible option for growing a healthy crop of cucumbers.

Chicken wire and fencing are an excellent choice for the vertical growth of your cucumber plants. I’ll also show you how easy it is to make your trellis at home. Keep reading to learn more and enhance your green thumb!

Will Cucumbers Climb A Wire Fence

Yes, cucumbers will climb a wire fence.

Cucumbers grow better when they can climb and grow upward rather than flat across the ground.

Cucumbers grow with tendrils, but the tendrils are not big enough to wrap around something large and solid, like a tree trunk or thick posts of wood.

Your cucumber plants may be able to start to wrap around a nearby lattice structure if it is not too thick, but your cucumbers will do best when they climb a wire fence.

Wire is thin and supportive, so your cucumber plant can latch onto it and continue to grow. 

Wire fencing is an excellent option for your cucumbers, aside from healthy growing: space.

Your cucumber can grow out across your garden, but they can grow wild and take up space that you need to plant other fruits and vegetables.

The leaves of cucumber plants can grow large and shade other seed plots, thus taking over your garden. 

Does Chicken Wire Make A Good Trellis

Chicken wire makes a great trellis if you are planning to grow cucumbers.

Chicken wire is one of the best options if you want your cucumbers to grow well. 

Chicken wire is thin so the tendrils can wrap around it, but it is also sturdy enough to support the weight of the cucumber plants. You do not need to worry about the chicken wire bending or warping, even if the cucumber starts to produce fruit. 

Chicken wire is also relatively inexpensive and easy to work with, so you do not need to struggle while planting your garden at the beginning of the season. 

You will, however, need to have a little more skill to make a chicken wire trellis; unfortunately, your green thumb won’t be helping you here!

How Do You Make A Cucumber Trellis Out Of Chicken Wire

Making a trellis out of chicken wire is a generally easy process that won’t take too long. Once it is built, the structure will last through many growing seasons.

Step 1: Drive two stakes or poles in the area where you plan to grow your cucumbers. Make sure that the poles are deep enough to provide ample support. 

Since this structure will stay year after year, make sure it is in a location you know you will replant. 

Step 2: Stretch a roll of chicken wire around your two support beams and attach it to the poles or stakes. If you use wooden stakes, you will be able to staple them to them. 

Make sure to purchase or use a pair of sturdy gloves for this. Even though chicken wire looks harmless, it is still metal, so you should take necessary precautions.

And that’s it! Your structure is set.

As your cucumbers start to grow, you can encourage the tendrils to grab onto the fence by placing them along with it. This will train them to grow in that direction; as your plant gets bigger, you will not need to do this.

If you dug your supports deep, you do not need to worry about your fence supporting the cucumber plants; it should do its job with no problem!

Here are two drawbacks that can pop up with your at-home structure:

  • Your posts may not have been deep enough, meaning that your trellis may lean or even fall over with the weight of the cucumbers.
  • You need to babysit your cucumber plants for the first few weeks to make sure they climb. This may be more time than you anticipated dedicating to your garden.

Can Cucumbers Grow Without A Trellis

Yes, cucumbers can grow without a trellis. 

If you only have a green thumb and are not handy enough to buy a trellis, you can still grow cucumber plants. 

Your cucumber plant can grow out across your garden, but it will take up other valuable space.

You may only be looking to plant a few vegetables or have enough space to let your cucumbers grow wildly. In this case, the direction your cucumber is going is of no concern to you.

Your cucumber plant will still produce a healthy crop without a trellis.

You may choose to not use a trellis because:

  • It is too expensive
  • You do not know how to make one
  • You do not have an excellent place to put a trellis
  • You don’t want your view blocked from a trellis

Cucumbers are generally hearty vegetable plants that can thrive in various ways, so you don’t need to think that your crop will be ruined without a trellis. 

What Other Vegetables Or Fruits Work Well For A Chicken Wire Trellis 

Since you’re already going through the trouble of making a chicken wire fence, you might wonder what other vegetables you can grow using it.

Here are some other vegetables you can plant so your trellis serves multiple purposes:

BeansBean plants have tendrils that can climb up a chicken wire trellis and will not take up much space in your garden.
PeasPeas can be planted early in the season. Their thin tendrils can climb up your thin chicken wire trellis with ease.
GourdsGourds are easy to plant and grow, but they can quickly take over a garden like cucumber plants. A trellis will free up some of your real estate.
GrapesThough maybe one of the most obvious, grapes can thrive with a proper trellis structure. Your grapes, however, may need their own trellis to not take over.
Fruits and vegetables that can grow with your trellis

Fruits and vegetables that can grow with your trellis

As you can see, your chicken wire trellis or trellises are suitable for more than just growing those big, juicy cucumbers. 

Consider creating multiple chicken wire trellises in your garden or make a trellis big enough to help several crops thrive during the growing season. 

Your two-step chicken wire trellis will have a wonderful, positive impact on your garden!

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