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Can You Grow Cucumbers In A Vegepod

Choosing the best place to grow your vegetables can be a challenge. You need to consider how much space they’ll need, the amount of sunlight and water they should receive, and the proper soil. With all of this in mind, you may wonder if you can grow cucumbers in a Vegepod.

Cucumbers can be grown in a Vegepod easily, and the built-in features that come along with a Vegepod make the process easier than other gardening methods.

You’ll need to ensure that you’ve got the right size container for your cucumbers and that they’re receiving the proper nutrition. Read on to learn more about Vegepods and how you can use them for growing your cucumbers.

What Is a Vegepod?

You should understand what a Vegepod is and how to use one properly before committing to using one for your next crop of cucumbers. A Vegepod, simply put, is a growing system in a portable, raised container.

A Vegepod almost resembles a grill in shape. In the middle is a container that holds your soil and plant. Above that is a canopy that will protect your plant from the elements and contains a mist spray irrigator. There’s an overflow hole in the bottom of the container that will drain excess water and prevent flooding. All of these elements sit on a raised stand.

Vegepods are self-watering container gardens. The container and canopy create a micro-climate that will help your plants grow and stay healthy even in varied weather. Vegepods are also portable, meaning you can move them around your garden as needed and even take them with you if you move to a new address.

How Big of a Planter Do I Need for Cucumbers?

Cucumbers need plenty of room to develop extensive root systems and vines to grow and produce a healthy crop. The ideal size for a cucumber plant is 5 gallons.

If you choose to grow your cucumbers in a Vegepod, you’ll need to buy the largest size that Vegepod offers. Their medium size is close, holding about 4.2 gallons, but that may not give your cucumber plant sufficient room. Going with their largest size will guarantee that your cucumber plant has plenty of room to grow and produce.

How Do I Grow Cucumbers in a Vegepod?

Learning how to grow cucumbers in a Vegepod is simple if you’ve already grown the crop using other methods. If you’ve never grown cucumbers before, don’t worry because using a Vegepod makes the process smooth and straightforward.

Here are some simple steps to grow cucumbers in a Vegepod.

  1. Buy the right soil. You’ll want to get soil that drains well and is full of the nutrients that a vegetable plant needs to thrive. You can use the same soil that you’ve used in the past for other vegetable crops if you have some on hand.
  2. Add the soil to your Vegepod. Fill your Vegepod’s container with the soil you’ve chosen for your crop. 
  3. Prepare the soil. Cucumber plants grow very large. Their vines can reach 6 to 8 feet, which means they need plenty of space. You’ll need to create ridges in the soil a few inches higher than the beds where your seeds will be planted.
  4. Plant your seeds. Cucumber seeds should be planted in groups of 3 or 4 and spaced evenly. Plant them about 12 to 14 inches apart, and then cover the seeds with an inch of fine soil.
  5. Water your plants. Use the Vegepod’s gentle mist and irrigation to ensure your plants receive plenty of water. Use your finger to test the soil. It should be moist to the touch but not so damp that your plants are in danger of drowning. Adjust the frequency of watering as needed.
  6. Ensure your plant gets plenty of sunlight. Cucumbers are sensitive plants and can’t handle extended periods without sunlight. Make sure you’ve placed your Vegepod in an area where your plant will receive at least 5 hours of sunlight each day.

There you have it! Now that your cucumber plant is settled into the Vegepod nicely, you’ll need to wait for it to produce before you can harvest fresh cucumbers.

Do Cucumbers Need A Trellis?

Cucumber plants don’t need a trellis, but it’s good to use one anyway. Without a trellis, your cucumber plant will grow along the ground rather than growing up. This can leave it more susceptible to damage and disease.

You can use a circular or a tent trellis for your cucumber plants. Their vines will grow up along the trellis instead of across the ground. This will allow you to pick the cucumbers easier when the time comes and also cause the plant to take up less space. 

Using a trellis with a Vegepod is an excellent idea when growing cucumbers. Vegepods only have a limited capacity for growth horizontally, and training your plant to grow along a trellis will help direct the plant to grow up and out of the container.

What Can I Grow in a Vegepod?

Vegepods, as the name suggests, are great for growing all manners of vegetables. These containers are great for growing all the leafy, green vegetables you would find in a salad, such as spinach, silverbeet, chard, lettuce, etc.

Herbs and other vegetables can also be grown in Vegepods, including cucumbers. As Vegepod offers three sizes, small, medium, and large, you can grow a wide variety of plants in their containers. 

The great thing about Vegepods is that they’re easily maintained and accessible. This gives more people the opportunity to grow their own vegetables to work on developing healthier eating habits without having to pay high grocery store prices.

Final Thoughts

Cucumber plants can be challenging to grow in a traditional garden. They require plenty of room, water, sunlight, and ideal weather. When you’re deciding on the best way to grow your cucumber plants, all of these things need to be considered.

Vegepods offer an excellent solution for those who want to grow their cucumber plants but don’t have the proper soil or garden to plant them in. Vegepods are raised, self-watering gardening containers that can grow most vegetables and herbs. If you’re looking for a new way to grow your next cucumber plant, then Vegepods is great.

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