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Can You Grow Cucumbers From A Slice Of Cucumber

Cucumbers are delicious, healthy, and full of hydrating waters and liquids! These fantastic vegetables grow on long vines that tangle and climb. In recent years, cucumbers have grown in popularity, especially in gardening.

Surprisingly, you can grow cucumbers from a slice of cucumber. There are many methods for growing cucumbers, and one innovative way is to slice a cucumber and add it to the soil! For better germination rates, experts also recommend drying cucumber seeds first.

As we explore these delicious summer treats together, we can better understand the question ‘can you grow cucumbers from a slice of cucumber.

Can You Grow Cucumbers from Store Bought Cucumbers?

Cucumbers are cucumbers, regardless if you grow them from an organic and non-GMO seed packet or grow them from a store-bought cucumber! While it is true that it is harder to grow cucumbers from store-bought cucumbers, it does not mean it is impossible.

Some produce companies and agricultural farms spray pesticides and other harmful chemicals that affect the seed’s germination rate. Even though the germination rate is affected, this does not mean that the seeds won’t sprout! It is best to try this method before ruling it out as a solid choice to grow cucumbers. Using scraps helps the environment by reducing waste!

Can you Grow Cucumbers from Pickle Seeds?

Did you know that cucumbers and pickles are technically the same? Pickles are cucumbers that undergo a fermentation process. Typically, cucumbers are picked as they start to grow longer and are placed in sealed jars with tight lids. Inside these jars is a mixture of vinegar, oil, and various seasonings to add flavor to the pickles.

Since pickles go through this process where they are introduced to acid, the seeds inside are also exposed to this solution. Because of this, you cannot grow cucumbers from pickle seeds unless they are protected from the solution! It is easier to grow cucumbers and turn them into pickles than to grow them from pickles.

How Many Days Does Cucumber Take to Grow?

There are over one hundred cucumber and pickling cucumber varieties globally; each variety also has its growth timeline. However, a cucumber can take 60-120 days to grow and mature.

Some smaller varieties that fit in containers have a short growing season and produce fruit in only two months! Keep in mind, though, that cucumber flowers require pollination from a male and female flower to grow cucumbers! If the pollination is not done correctly, it can take longer for a cucumber to grow.

How to Grow Cucumber from Cucumber at Home in 5 Easy Steps

Now that we know some basic information about cucumbers and how to grow them from store-bought cucumbers, we can dive into its steps! Below are five quick and simple steps that showcase how to grow cucumbers from a cucumber at home!

  • Cut the Cucumber into Slices

The first step is easy, and you can personalize it. Start by cutting your cucumber into slices. The slices should be thin enough to decompose quickly and thick enough to contain seeds for growing. 

As the cucumber seed begins to root and grow, the cucumber fruit will decompose, giving the soil and plant much-needed nutrients.

There is another alternative way to grow cucumbers at home, though. You can take the seeds out of the slices and dry them before placing them into the soil for those who want to plant the seeds only.

  • Gather Soil and a Container

The second step is the most crucial step! You will need to gather the rest of your materials and set them up. This step can take long as you figure out the correct container size, type, and the soil cucumber seedlings need.

Cucumber seedlings like the head. The summer and sun-loving plant thrive on warmth, especially during its first few weeks of life. The container size needs to be larger than 1 gallon since cucumber plants need space to grow tall and wide. Usually, a support system is needed so that the cucumber vines can latch on and grow.

The soil needs to be loose and well-draining so that the water does not get trapped and drown the roots. When this occurs, it can lead to root rot, and you will need to start all over again.

  • Place the Cucumber Slice Above the Soil

Once you have your cucumber slices or your cucumber seeds, you will need to place them above the container with soil. It is important not to bury and tightly pack the cucumber slice or seed. It still needs air to breathe and produces a cucumber seedling! 

Once you have placed the seed or slice in the center, sprinkle some dirt and fertilizer onto the area. Refrain from touching it until the plant grows its second set of leaves.

  • Lightly Water

Once the light soil covers where the slice and seed are, you will need to lightly water the container. Experts recommend adding water to the bottom until your cucumber seedling grows its second set of leaves until your cucumber seedling grows. This can be done through the drainage holes at the bottom of the container or planter.

As long as you have drainage holes, it is possible to slowly feed your plant water from the bottom to the top. This allows enough oxygen for seedlings to breathe, which decreases the risk of root rot.

Another expert tip to consider when watering plants like cucumbers is that it is best to water them during sunrise and sunset. During the day, with the intense sun and heat, water can cause your cucumber plant to go into shock.

  • Give Nutrients and Proper Care

After the plant begins to emerge from the cucumber scraps and seeds, you will need to follow a schedule where you can give your cucumber the nutrients it needs. For example, your cucumber seedling focuses on growing vines and leaves without flowers during the first month.

To speed up the process and help, nitrogen fertilizer is the way to go. Nitrogen increases growth in this vegetative stage. On the other hand, a potassium fertilizer is perfect for when there are enough leaves and vines, and the flower buds start to thicken and grow.

Keep this plant outside in a warm and sunny spot. While you can grow cucumbers inside of a home, a lot of space and warmth are needed!


You can grow a cucumber plant from a cucumber slice at home! This is easy to do as all you need is a mature cucumber, soil, and the sun! However, not all seeds germinate if the seeds come from store-bought cucumbers.

Growing cucumbers is an adventure that takes time, patience, and experience! It is not an easy plant, but it is quick to germinate and sprout.

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