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Can You Grow Crushed Red Pepper Seeds

Everyone likes to grow plants from seeds they collect from other produce. There’s something fun about it like you are an expert gardener. However, you might wonder, can you grow crushed red pepper seeds?

Yes, you can theoretically grow peppers from crushed red pepper seeds, but it may not be easy. The seeds should be washed and dried before planting.

You may be surprised what kind of seeds can grow with a bit of care and love, but it isn’t always easy. You might have some luck trying to grow crushed red pepper seeds because they are, indeed, seeds. We’ll talk about all of this and more in this article, so keep reading!

Can You Grow Red Pepper From Red Pepper Seeds

You may be able to grow red pepper from red pepper seeds.

First, let’s talk about what crushed red pepper seeds are. You might know them as a great seasoning for different plates you cook, but do you know exactly what they are?

Crushed red pepper is made from pulverized dried peppers. This includes the seeds and other parts of the peppers that are dried out. 

Your pepper flakes will be more than just seeds, which is why it can be a little tricky to use them as standard seeds that you can purchase in packets.

Everything is crushed together, so you won’t have much of a chance to separate the seeds from everything else. 

How Do You Grow Red Pepper Flakes

You’ll need some luck to be able to grow peppers from red pepper flakes, but it is possible to do.

Take these steps to try your hand at growing peppers from pulverized red pepper flakes.

Add Dirt To Your Container

The first thing to do is to add dirt to your container.

Depending on the operation you’re running, you can use a plastic container or a pot you purchased from the store.

You should fill your pot to the top with dirt. Purchase potting soil from the store instead of using dirt from outside to avoid bugs.

Sprinkle The Red Pepper Flakes In The Container

Add the red pepper flakes to your container.

As I already mentioned, you won’t be able to find the seeds in the mix of other things in the flakes.

To give yourself the best chance possible, I would sprinkle quite a bit into your pot to try to grow your peppers.

The more you add, the better your chances will be. 

Cover With Dirt And Water

Cover your pepper flakes, and then add some water.

Don’t overwater your cucumber flakes because they will easily drown them. You aren’t using seeds, so they might float away! 

Water your flakes enough to keep the soil wet, and add more water.

Will Seeds From Dried Peppers Grow

Now let’s say you want to use your own seeds from peppers to grow. You can do that!

Maybe you have an old pepper that is full of seeds

You can still use these seeds to grow pepper; it may be even easier to do it this way!

While you might be tempted to throw your pepper seeds right into a pot of soil, there are a few steps to take before planting your seeds.

You should:

  • Wash the seeds to avoid mold or attracting bugs, including fruit flies
  • Dry out your pepper seeds before planting
  • Put your pepper seeds in the oven to dry them faster but do not process them in any way
  • Do not put any seasonings on your pepper seeds, not that your seeds will need that spice!

Do You Have To Dry Pepper Seeds Before Planting

No, you don’t have to dry your pepper seeds before planting them. 

While I would recommend drying your pepper seeds before planting them, you do not have to do this.

If your pepper seeds aren’t dry, one of the main concerns will be mold. 

You water your seeds while growing them, of course, but too much extra moisture beneath the soil could lead to molding. 

In addition, seeds that aren’t dried will have to be planted immediately. You can’t keep seeds that aren’t dried out because they will go bad.

This isn’t terrible if you’re planting all your seeds at once, but don’t plan on keeping them for next season!

How To Dry Red Pepper Seeds For Planting

Let’s say that you’re planning to save some seeds, but you need some methods to dry them.

Drying your red pepper seeds doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can be time-consuming. Make sure to leave yourself some time, even if you have a faster method!

  • Put your seeds on a napkin and put them in direct sunlight, like on a window sill
  • Use your oven to toast your red pepper seeds until they’re dry. Don’t burn them.
  • Keep the seeds in your kitchen at room temperature if you don’t get enough sunlight. 

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when you’re drying your red pepper seeds, but as I said, leave yourself some time so you don’t end up ruining your seeds before you can plant them.

If you’re lazy like me, leaving them out to dry in the sun is one of the easiest no-fuss ways to dry them! 

How Do You Take Care Of Red Pepper Seedlings

With any luck, your red pepper seedlings are growing well, but you might start to wonder what’s next. 

Keep Your Seeds Moist And Warm

Like with any seeds, you need to keep your seeds warm and moist.

You might consider investing in an indoor greenhouse to keep your red pepper seedlings happy if you’re serious about growing seeds. 

You can also make your own with a shower curtain or some plastic wrap – do your own research there!

Let Your Seedlings Grow For At Least Six Weeks

Your seedlings need to grow for two to three months before you think about transplanting them.

One of the worst things you can do is transplant a seedling that is too young, so don’t get too ahead of yourself with planting. 

Your plants should grow enough to have a strong stem and some leaves.

Remove Flowers From Seedlings

This might sound counterintuitive, but you should remove any flowers you see while your seedling grows.

Your seedling won’t be growing any peppers, so you can safely remove the flowers from your seedlings.

This will force your cucumber plants to refocus their energy on growing strong stems and leaves.

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