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Are Succulents And Alpines The Same

Many gardeners love growing all kinds of plants, and succulents have become a favorite for their beautiful yet low-maintenance nature. Alpines are a plant that is leafy and hearty in appearance, which is very similar to that of leafy succulent species. This has led to many gardeners wondering: are succulents and alpines the same? 

While alpines are a succulent, not all succulents are alpines. Alpines are succulent because they are designed to store extra water within the plant. This allows the plant to survive in periods of drought. 

In this article, we will be explaining everything that gardeners need to know about alpine succulents. This includes what they are and how to grow them. Let’s get into it! 

These plants are designed to grow in rocky environments, and their leaves are also tough and covered in a wax coating. More importantly, though, alpines have leaves that are designed to store water. All of these factors point to alpines being classified as succulents. 

Tips For Growing Alpine Succulents 

It is always a good idea to do your research before attempting to grow any plant, and alpine succulents are no exception. Luckily, alpine succulents are relatively easy to grow if you plant them in the right medium. Here are some tips for growing alpine succulents. 

When Should You Plant Alpine Succulents? 

The best time to plant alpine succulents is spring or autumn. This is because these seasons provide alpines with the perfect amount of sun and heat to get started. 

You may need to be careful about planting alpines outside in the spring. This is because alpines dislike living in damp soil or getting too much water. As a result, you will need to take some precautions if your area gets lots of rain in the spring. Placing a tarp over your succulents or moving their pots under shelter when it rains can help prevent overwatering. 

What Should You Plant Alpine Succulents In? 

Alpine succulents thrive in mediums that drain easily. Therefore, this is the most crucial factor when choosing a place to plant your alpines. This could be in a well-draining pot or a spot draining well in the ground. 

If you choose to plant your alpine succulents in the ground, it is a good idea to plant them in a medium that drains better than just soil. Rock gardens tend to work best for this. 

Whatever medium you choose to plant your alpine succulents in, you must ensure they will get plenty of sunlight. Alpine succulents need lots of sunlight to grow properly and survive. 

How To Plant Alpine Succulents 

Planting succulents in a rock garden or pot is an extremely similar process to planting other types of succulents. To start, you will need to create a small planting hole for your alpine succulent to grow in. 

Once you have designated a spot for your alpine succulent, you need to carefully lift up your alpine succulent and fan out its roots. Doing this will ensure that the succulent’s roots will not become tangled. 

Once your alpine succulent is placed neatly in its hole, you can fill the space around it with rocks or soil. Once this is completed, all you need to do is give your plant a quick water and be on your way. 

Watering requirements for alpines

Your alpine succulents should only be watered when the soil around them is completely dry. This can vary depending on humidity and exposure to the sun, so a good rule of thumb is to check the soil and not rely on a specific time frame. 

It is important to remember that succulents do not need much water to survive. As a result, many homegrown succulents are at a greater risk for overwatering than underwatering. 

If your alpine succulents are planted outdoors and you are worried about rainfall drowning your plants, some things could help. Placing a tarp around your succulents when it rains can help keep them dry. Similarly, moving potted succulents indoors or under shelter is also an option. 

What about fertilizing alpines?

No, you do not need to fertilize alpine succulents. It is better if you do not give alpines fertilizer. This is because alpines and other succulents are designed to live and thrive with very little nutrients in the soil around them. 

Things To Consider 

You may want to consider some other things when it comes to whether or not succulents and alpines are the same. These include whether or not you can plant alpines and succulents together and if rock plants are considered succulents. Here are some other things to consider if alpines and succulents are the same. 

Planting alpines and succulents together

Planting alpines and other species of succulents together is quite common. Since alpines are a type of succulents, they have very similar care requirements to other succulents. This makes growing them together fairly easy. 

Many people choose to create beautiful succulent arrangements that include alpines along with a variety of other succulent species. This is not only simple to do, but it also makes for an eye-catching garden.  

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