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Are Mulching Kits Worth It

Mulching is the method of sprinkling finely-chopped, earthly matter across the soil’s surface. Mulch acts as a fertilizer to improve plants’ health and appearance, including grass. You have most likely come across a lawn in your days that was greener and more beautiful than the average person’s lawn. Most likely, that person fertilized their grass with a mulching mechanism they purchased to attach to their lawn mower. It is called a mulching kit. Now you must be wondering, are mulching kits worth it?

Mulching kits are absolutely worth it. They are reasonably priced devices that can be easily attached to a basic push or riding lawn mower. You don’t have to bag or rake your grass clippings when mulching your lawn. Instead, they are ground into a fine organic material that will release nutrients directly into your grass.

There is no clean-up required. Not only is it easier than basic mowing, but it also makes your lawn healthier and more beautiful. Please continue reading to learn the basics of mulching kits, how to use them, and the benefits of purchasing one.

How Much Do Mulching Kits Cost?

Mulching kits retail for around $75-$150, depending on the brand and quality. Grass fertilizer, on the other hand, costs about $25 for a bag that will cover 5,000 square feet of lawn. The average size lawn for Americans throughout the United States is around 11,000 square feet; you will need over two bags of fertilizer to fully cover and nourish your lawn.

That can cost you $50 or more. Also, the recommended times to fertilize your lawn is around 5-6 per year. That is $250-$300 a year that will be spent on fertilizer alone. If you bought a mulching kit for your lawn mower, you most likely wouldn’t need to purchase fertilizer.

In the first year of mowing your lawn with a mulching kit, it will pay for itself and then some. 

Mulching Kit Vs. Mulching Mower

A mulching kit attaches to the bottom of a basic push or riding lawn mower to convert it into a mulching mower. If you are in the market for a new mower, you can buy one that already has the mulching function, making it a mulching mower.

This will save you the purchase of a mulching kit and the installation of it as well. The only downside is that mulching mowers are much more expensive than buying a basic motor and a mulching kit. If you already have a decent mower and aren’t looking to purchase a new one, buying a mulching kit is a great idea and may save you a lot of money in the long run.

Alternatives To Using A Mulching Kit And The Disadvantages

Side Discharging Mower- 

A side discharging mower is much different from a mulching kit. Most average mowers already have a side discharger, but they can only be used when the bag is removed. Side dischargers cut the grass clippings but do not break them down into smaller pieces.

The clippings will then be shot out of the side of the mower and scattered across the lawn. You don’t control where the grass clipping will land, meaning they could end up on your sidewalks, garden beds, or driveway. This method of grass cutting can be quite messy.

Also, side dischargers break down the grass clippings as finely as mulching kits do, resulting in less nutrient absorption into the soil in which the grass is growing. 


Bagging is a common method used by many Americans, especially those with small yards. Bagging is using the functions of your mower to collect the grass clippings in the bag attached to it.

Depending on the size of your lawn and the length of your grass, you could empty the bag several times when mowing your lawn. When the bag is filled, you must stop where you are in the process and carry the heavy bag to a location where you can dispose of it and then reattach it to continue mowing.

This process can be repetitive and tiresome to many. Lastly, you are wasting nutrient-filled grass clipping that can be broken down further and used as a great fertilizer. 

Do you see why purchasing a mulching kit is the best option?

What Comes In A Mulching Kit?

A mulching kit includes a couple of main components. The first is at least one but sometimes two blades. The blades attach to your basic push or riding lawn mower. The purpose of the blades is to take the grass clippings and chop them into a finer mulch material.

A finer material will better absorb into the soil, providing more nutrients. One blade works just fine, but two will ensure a finer cut. The second part of the mulching kit is a plug.

The plug blocks the side discharging portion of the lawnmower, so the grass clippings don’t shoot out immediately. Instead, they will be forced back towards the blade (or blades), so they have the chance to be broken down more. 


Overall, mulching kits are entirely worth it. Mulching your lawn is an easy and affordable way to make your grass greener and fuller. Purchasing a mulching kit that attaches to your mower is much more budget-friendly than buying bags of fertilizer 5-6 times a year.

A mulching kit pays for itself in a short amount of time. Mulching your lawn is a way of recycling your grass clippings. Rather than throwing them out, you are grinding them down into a finer material and scattering them across the top of your lawn.

The nutrients within them absorb into the lawn and nourish your grass with adequate fertilizer. A mulching kit will simplify your life regarding mowing and caring for your lawn. Why wouldn’t you want one?

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